Company Profile



Mr. Jaymal Khatau, a chemical engineer from the University of California, Berkeley, founded K. K. POONJA & SONS in 1970.

The objective of this company is to manufacture speciality fine chemicals with a special emphasis on providing international quality products.  Further, the management is committed to building a world-class organisation.

Currently, K.K. Poonja manufactures fine chemicals that are used in the petrochemical, perfumery, pharmaceutical, resins and food industry.

The guiding philosophy of the company has always been to build value for the organisation, its customers and the community not only in terms of profits but also in terms of goodwill.



We have the technical and commercial experience to enter into long term contracts with customers both in India and internationally.  Furthermore, we can offer specialised services to customers in terms of packaging and delivery and can deliver anything from 1 kg to Iso tanks all over the world. Our long and varied experience in shipping hazardous cargo translates into a smoother experience for our customers.

Most of our products were developed from scratch by investigating available literature, moving to pilot scale and then to plant scale manufacturing.

We have upgraded our plant to global standards by moving to PLC based control.



We are a professionally managed firm that has a history of being in business since 1914.

Mr. Jaymal Khatau is the senior managing partner of our firm. Before starting K.K. Poonja & Sons, Mr. Jaymal worked with Larsen & Toubro, a leading chemical engineering firm in India.  Mr. Jaymal manages finance and accounting.

Mr. Sanjay Khatau is a M.B.A. from one of the leading business schools in the United States. Prior to joining K.K. Poonja, Mr. Sanjay worked in the software industry in the U.S.  Mr. Sanjay manages operations, marketing and international sales.

Mr. Hardik Sampat is a Chemical Engineer and MBA from the University of Mumbai.  Mr. Sampat was working with Indian Oil prior to joining K.K. Poonja.  Mr. Sampat manages operations and local sales.