ProductCAS Number
P-Tert Butyl Catechol (PTBC) 98-29-3 Currently supplying this product to some of the top Petrochemical complexes in the world in N.E. Asia, Middle East, India, Latin America, and Europe. Global pioneer with proprietary process developed in house.
Para Benzoquinone (PBQ) 106-51-4 PBQ is manufactured using our proprietary process that does not use aniline. We manufacture an ultra pure grade of PBQ with purity exceeding 99%
Tert Butyl Benzene  (TBB) 98-8-06 Manufactured on request
Sec Butyl Benzene (SBB) 135-98-8 Manufactured on request
3,5 Di-Tert Butyl Catechol (di-TBC) 1020-31-1 Newly introduced.
P-Tert Butyl Toluene (PTBT) 98-51-1 Manufactured on request
Tert Butyl Hydroquinone (TBHQ) 1948-33-0 Available ex stock
Butylated Hydroxy Anisole (BHA) 25013-16-5 Available ex stock